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BetterMouse is a macOS utility improving external mouse performance and functionalities, aiming for replacing bulky, intrusive, and resource-hungry mouse drivers like Logitech Options. It’s feature-rich, light-weighted, efficiency-optimized, and perfectly privacy safe, trying to meet all your needs for using a 3rd-party mouse on macOS.



  • Butter smooth scroll, with fully configurable settings of duration, direction, acceleration, etc.
  • Precise configurable discrete scroll with or without acceleration.
  • Shift-scroll to horizontal on/off, with configurable speed, direction.
  • Ctrl-scroll to zoom/pinch.
  • Thumbwheel zoom for hi-res thumbwheel.


  • Separated cursor acceleration & speed control, acceleration can be completely eliminated.
  • Precise mouse fps counter.

Button/gesture mapping

  • Mapping every extra mouse button to any keyboard shortcuts & extensive special actions.
  • Up/down/left/right gestures mapping for every extra mouse buttons.
  • Modifier keyed button/gesture mapping.
  • Click-through feature for left/right click for direct actions to inactive window with one click.
  • Click-through option for every mapping independently.
  • Right click free pan view.

Exception apps

  • Per-app independent settings for scroll setting & button/gesture mapping.


  • Menu bar app with hide-able app icon.
  • Clean & safe, with no custom network access, no file access.
  • Fully optimized algorithm with extremely low CPU & power usage.

Compatibility: macOS 11.0 or later
Homepage https://better-mouse.com/



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